How High To Hang Towel Bar in a Bathroom Favorite Method

Let me show you how to install a towel bar in a bathroom. Now, this isn’t my favorite job to do, but I got to do it quite a bit. We’re going to make sure it’s nice and level, and we’re going to make sure that it’s good and solid this one here is a 24 inch now. It will come with the template; I don’t usually use the template.

I usually don’t use the parts we got. This one comes with some decent drywall anchors.

Drywall Anchors Hang Towel Bar in a Bathroom

So we’re pretty good there these you’re going to shove them in the hole like this and then it’s going to once you get the screw in there it Springs open, and it’s an excellent nice solid hold which is promising a lot of them to come with the little small ones they split open they tend to pull out easy.

Hang Towel Bar Corkscrew That Goes In

Sometimes I use the EZ anchor style. It’s like a giant corkscrew that goes in. I like those again. They were great. If it’s something to spread out, usually with the towel bar, you want to have something a little bit more substantial.

If you can hit a stud, great if not other toggle tight bolts where you drill the big hole you put it in the butterfly out, and then you get a good hold now another thing you can do is if you’re redoing your whole bathroom try and figure out we’re going to put the towel bars I’ll just put a little blocking back there it makes your life a lot easier, but that doesn’t always happen.  So, where are we going to get started? Here is figuring out the actual measurements now. Usually, a 24 inch will be 24 inches between the actual hangers, so what I like to do is pre-assemble your towel bar and measure it clip the clip center-to-center, and it does look like it’s 24 inches perfect.

Allen key so you can take these plates

This one comes with an Allen key so you can take these plates over these are what going to the wall he can very lightly mark out on the wall where everything’s going to go with a pencil, or he just put some green basement boat where it’s going to go on this towel bar I didn’t put that 48 inches high on the floor. I’m going to send it over this heat duct, so the first thing I want to do is get some tape on the wall and kind of eyeball where I’m going to find the center of this.

He ducked once I find the center of the heat

He ducked once I find the center of the heat duct or whatever you measure on your level it up or plumb it up from there it’s a 24-inch telemarked like it’s better to check you can try and use this thing on here. Still, by the time you mark out to use this, you may as well mark it all about yourself 24, so I’m going to go 12 from there 24 from here one about 48 inches, so I’m going to mark up 48 go across excellent and level I like to circle where I’m going to put the holes and everything.

These don’t show you the exact seven points if you take and measure what you got in here, of course; it’s a goofy number five-eighths, so I have five-eighths is 5/16 of five-sixteenths down five sixteens same here again.


I’m just circled little ones. I want to drill it now. It’s a double-check. I can put them on any are together, so put your bar together, bring it over, and double-check that you’re good to go.

I think that’s good. Everything seems nice and centered. An expert, you drill a 5/16 hole for these here. All right, so now place these guys in the instructions say to fold it down, so it looks like this hold her in, and then you take this little red tab and push it in, and it expands it out I spreads out the little wings there’s nothing down allowing key and your bar you can put one side on at a time or do a bow at the same time get on there hold it in place tighten up the Allen key.

Finally We have Hanged How to Hang Towel Bar

This can be tricky sometimes, you get the Allen key, and it takes a while. Take your time. That’s it. I’m ready for the towel.

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