how to fold towels to save space in 3 Easy Methods

Today, we’re going to start with the different methods of folding towels to save space in the closet. We’re trying to figure out if it is best to roll or fold your towels. This is what the folded towel looked like in my linen closet.

Guys, as you see that I have a rainbow of towels and I cannot stand it, I am so ready to go shopping for new towels, and I will be doing that very soon because I am in little bit busy with my new baby that’s why I am busy I will be color coordinating. The towel for each person like my husband is going to type gray.

I am going to have blue or green. My daughter is going to have some form of yellow or orange, and then the baby girl’s going to have a pink, so this is what I look like so far, and I can say it may be on this is one shelf I may be able to get like another four towels maybe six towels and quite a few washrags so this one I am working with this is the folding method, and I will be showing you how to do this folded method right after. So this is the primary band. Let’s move on; you will be starting with both methods the same way.

Option 1 Fold bath Towels flat and folding it horizontally

So you are going to be lying your child flat and folding it horizontally. You want to make sure your tag is not revealed like this

Now you are going to fold it half again, and then once you fold in a half

you’re going to fold it in the third you are going to flap it over, and then you are going to overlap

The other part over the piece you just fold it over, and there you have the folded method nice easy and straightforward that how to fold towels.

So next, move on to the following method and how it looks inside the linen closet.

Option 2 Fold bath Towels Rolling up

Now we move on to the roll method; let’s see how this looks in the linen closet, and let’s see how much space this takes up.

So guy’s here is the row method:

Here is the row method: Yes, do you guys see all of that space? After folding all the towels, you see all the areas on the left side. Guys, I still have room for a guest house and then think about it I’m going to be taking some of these towels away, so I have more than enough for my family because it’s only going to be two per person in my house. That’s more than two per person for the home, so even if I add a guest house, I’m still going to have space on the show; then I show you the difference of how to two-part fold on the wash rack in a three-part fold that is a big game-changer as well you get a lot more space doing a three-part fold versus a two-part foam so, and that also takes the cake in the Robinson house we do the three-part fold.

We have done away with the two-part fold more space is what we’re looking for, so here’s a recap of the way you can do a two-part fold which is a wash rack and the way you can do three parts fold very simple, very easy, but you already know that the three parts fold has taken the cake for us ok thumbs up! On the three parts, thumbs down on the two-part.

Let’s get into this or rolling method:

So both methods are the same first two steps make sure you put that the tag inside you want to make sure you got a flat surface you’re going to fold it in half horizontally, and then once you fold it in half the first time, you are going to fold it in half again

And that is, the first two parts of the roll methods are very, very simple. But this is a part that you want to make sure is done correctly when you roll and want to roll and take and make sure it’s tight like you are moving oh! your life okay.

So really, really, roll it tightly. It sounds the tighter you move it, the less space takes you to take up, so here’s the roll method I’m in love with this method hand down it gives you more bang for your buck in a small linen closet, so this is my go to for my linen closet.

Option 3 Fold bath Towels Rewind

Spread your bath towel on a flat surface

Now hold alongside the towel up, and half take the left side of the folded and fold it towards the middle and do the same with the right side.

Now position the towel side in front of you and fold it over again with the edge of the towel on top look well the towel design the design at the towel will be on top if you’d like a more clean look you can take in the part that’s hanging over then you’re done.

Option 4 Fold bath Towels Rubin Style:

Spread your bathroom towel on a smooth surface, then fold the huge side of the bathroom towel in half that just looks like a rewind way

Step 3

Pick the folded bathroom towel’s left side, fold it towards in the middle, and do the same with its right side.

Step 4:

Position the towel in front of you, take the towel’s edge, fold it over to the other side twice, and create the tightly folded towel.

All Done!

The Roll Up Method to save space:


Step 1:

            Spread your bathroom towel on the flat surface.

Step 2:

            Fold the long side of the towel up in half

Step 3:

Grab one of the corners and set it across, creating a triangle until it looks like a parallel to the far edge.

Turn over the bathroom towel and then fold the corners in thirds.

Step 5:

Turn the bathroom towel over again. It will be making sure most of the corners should be downside except top it bathroom towel corner side.

Step 6:

Grip hard to roll your bathroom towel up and tuck the looks bathroom towel corner inside like that’s it.

All Done!

 So what did you think? This article is beneficial for you. I showed you some new techniques on how to fold a bathroom towel, and I also hope it inspires you to have some fun maybe while you’re doing the laundry so so let my ask you a question which of the option do you use in your home let me know in the comment section below of this article.

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