How to Install a Bathroom Towel Bar With Good Ideas

Towel rods add function to your shower with a beautiful touch. Please keep reading to find out how easy it is to put a towel with anchors.

Important/Recommended Tools:


  1. Pencil
  2. Drill
  3. Mounting Hardware (Anchor, brackets, Screws)
  4. Towel Bar
  5. Drill Bits
  6. Hammer
  7. Level

Step 1. Set Level and determine the place 

How to Install a Bathroom Towel Bar With Good Ideas

Decide where you want to put the towel bar on your wall. Towel rods are usually 48 feet from the ground, but depending on the length of your towel, you may need more or less. Pick a towel and hang it on the wall to see if the length suits you.

Tip: Make sure your towel position is Level.

Step 2: Mark the Anchors Hole

How to Install a Bathroom Towel Bar With Good Ideas

Until you install a towel feather on the chains, you will need to attach the dry strings. Anchors hold your ice in place with a towel and prevent it from falling off the wall or falling off completely.

Once you have determined the location of your towel bar, hold your section up and mark the holes for the two anchors.

Repeat on the opposite side.

Step 3: Drill the test holes and install the anchors.

How to Install a Bathroom Towel Bar With Good Ideas

Select a little bit to reduce anchor perforated holes pilot. Insert the anchor and gently beat it until it hangs from the wall.


Step 4: Install the mounting brackets.

How to Install a Bathroom Towel Bar With Good Ideas

Attach the electrical conduit to the wall using screws through the anchor.

Step 5: The top and bottom of the attached towel bar

How to Install a Bathroom Towel Bar With Good Ideas

Attach the top half of the towel to the growing lines, tying it up. Assure you It must be locked in place. To attach the towel strap to the wall, you should be used an Allen wrench. As long as everything is surface and safe, you are ready to present the best bathroom towels.

It is another guide of A Short Guide on Bathroom Towel Racks

Toilet towels can be very effective when it comes to drying towels together or hanging hand towels using the best available material. Used correctly, these racks can give your bathroom a new look and feel. This article will be your right guide when it comes to toilet paper towels.

How do you fold a toilet towel?

Hanging on a bathroom towel is a simple exercise to do at home. You can choose. However, please keep in mind the following points if you choose to consider it a DIY exercise.

Choose the right position is a very important step. You will need to choose a wall in your bathroom that can be used for free. You will also need to consider swinging the bathroom door to make sure it is the best place to keep a towel. Once you identify the wall, determine the correct height. The reach of the bed should be very high and low so that the towel does not touch anything below it. It would help if you made sure the bars are 48 meters above the ground. If you are hanging bars on the side of the bathroom cabinets, there is plenty of room for that. It would help if you marked with pencil or pen for towel wrack before you install it.

  1. After marking, fix the towel bar. 

 Towels are easy to install once you have the right labels. Try squeezing the first part using the anchor. Before sticking to the second part, make sure the position is in a straight line. You can use a standard to verify this. Next, tighten the two packs and attach them to the bar and attach the lid. Check the officer by hanging on a bath towel to make sure you get the desired result.

How much does a bed of towels cost?

How to Install a Bathroom Towel Bar With Good Ideas
Towels in a luxury bathroom.

There are different types of towel racks available in the market. On average, a towel wrack can cost you 89 and 252 per bar. However, the total cost depends a lot on the nature, complexity, and closure options of the project in your mind.

You can check your cost estimates to estimate the total cost of your project.

How many towel bars do you need in the bathroom?

The number of towels you need will depend on the number of people using the bathroom. If you have enough space to meet the needs of your family and guests, it is a good idea to have at least two bars. You can hang two bars in the bathroom side by side on the main entrance of the bathroom wall. It can help you to fix two types of guest towels in Your home. However, don’t forget to leave a distance of 1 inch between bars.

What is the best place for a towel rack in a small bathroom?

How to Install a Bathroom Towel Bar With Good Ideas

It is very challenging how to hand a towel bar in a small bathroom. In general, the best solution is to set up a bathroom door bar to take advantage of the open space. You can try to install any free wall, but make sure there are no electrical outlets. If you are forced to park around the electrical outlet, fix the lid on the wall cap at least 4 inches below the opening. It can help you to avoid short circuit risks.


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