How To Use A Cooling Towels chilling Hot Season in 100 Degrees

Hope you having a great day and today I am doing a review on these cooling chilling towels these couldn’t come at a better time with this weather really hot out these are perfect we have a heat index of around 100 degrees so looking forward to testing them out I’m actually going to be eating dinner soon and then I’m going to go outside where it’s humid and test these outside but let’s go ahead and get the packaging open and we’ll put them to the test so you get two in a package here and this is a like red and blue color so very cool so you’ve got you can see got the red and the blue and it says cooling 30% and let’s see since.

its inception the mission of the professional sports towels brand has been to protect each and every person who loves sports towels and strive to be the best at the top of the industry easy to experience the cold filling using method the towel soaked in water slight twist dry towel forced rejection three to five can become cold and then there’s some other information let me go ahead and open up so I can read that a little bit and let’s see they make this an easy way to open up the packaging.

I don’t really see so here we go that will do it so let me open these up and I guess when you’re in between use I guess you just keep them in here perhaps but let’s see so now that I took it out it’s probably easier to read which it is it says instant cooling fast too cold effect does not contain any chemical composition recycling use after cleaning the cold has no effect water soaks shake can stimulate cold effect UV protection index UV 98% so lots of good information on here is the towel and I don’t I think this was me my large I can’t recall.

let’s see so I mean it’s a it’s a big towel and it’s let’s see as far as the sizing let me see what size is it so the size that I did get is a large so this will give you an idea uh on the on the large and then I guess you can wrap this around your head like this

or you can wrap it around your neck and be keep cooler so looking forward to testing it out so this is the blue and let me show you the red if these opened up and really looking forward to trying them out here with the humidity so this is like a reddish pinkish color

so there you go and give you an idea on the material close-up it’s a very soft material by the way this is on the backside I’ll show you the front on both so you got the front to both and then on the back you got

it’s more of a smoother texture on the back although it’s very similar actually on the front maybe I don’t know it’s just a little bit different on the back so it is a little bit smoother but most importantly that this works and keeps me cool so looking forward to trying it out and then I’ll be back after I’ve had a chance to walk outside wearing these around in the humidity and seeing how it feels I’ll be back ok so I’m back over a half an hour of being outside walking around and I have to say these towels are awesome awesome.

I could not believe and I still can’t believe how cool these towels feel it’s amazing and what’s so great is once you rinse them in the water you wring them off they state they’re not going to get your shirt all wet so it’s great and you can wear this around your head you could wear it around your neck and I mean really it works fantastic I am so impressed so impressed and for the price for two what a great what a great deal I just shared with some other people about this towel and it really is fantastic and I know that for me when I’m about walking.

I can just tuck this under my shirt even you know it’s awesome you can actually just you know if you’re wearing a shirt just put it underneath and just you keep your body cool you if you got out like a water bottle take a water bottle pour some more in it and then just cool yourself down you can keep your chest cooler so that’s fantastic so highly recommend them great price point great product for the market it’s amazing that they develop this these technologies in this kind of a product that you can reuse so all the way definitely recommend it.

this is one of my favorites that I’ve had an opportunity to review because especially with this heat this is going to serve such a great purpose so let me know if you have any questions I really appreciate your time and that’s it for now stay cool stay safe and most importantly be comfortable alright everybody have a great day see on the next video take care

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