How To Wrap Hair In Towel With Different Ways

Welcome back to another article today; I will be showing you how to wrap hair in a towel. This is perfect for getting out of the shower and when you want to put your hair in a towel. But you know a big huge towel will fall off your head. This stays on. If you have to go and run to your kind or something like you to get a shower in, you have to go and make breakfast for the kids or something like that. 

You can stick your hair up in this and let it, you know, dry a little bit so if you have never seen one of these before. It wraps around your head, so this is how to come off? So my horrible hair. This is what it looks like and makes it out of a dollar store towel and. And there is a button on the back, and you’re just going to flip your head over, put the towel, put your hair down. This is easier with wet hair. Put all your hair inside the towel, then kind of Cinch it up.

To wrap the towel, the client here holds the towel for both sides, applies it on the top and then holds one side brings this side to the center of the nape area, then holds the other side but not this side. This side and push this handout and wrap this around all the way around are the way around holding up and securing it on the top. 

Now, this is in the middle when the client’s hair is dripping. This will catch any dripping here is nice and tight in there, and it’s a nice look, and it’s comfortable to apply the towel wrap.

 It rounds the be back. This is the front part hold the hair goes all the way down. 

Then this is the back part of the towel. Here’s the front lift. Turn all the way around, wrap the hair like this, go all the way around put it like that. And this triangle is very handy. When the hair is dripping, you will catch everything, and it’s nice and tight.


Wrap Hair in Towel At Home DIY

Before towel hat became super popular, people just used a regular towel, I’m going to try and figure out how to fit this in the screen, but it’ll wrap around here when it’s wet. My hair isn’t wet, so it’s not going to do anything, and you twisted. You can dry your hair. It’ll help bring out, and it is connected to the head. If you try and pull it off, someone has said it will hurt them, just same flip your hair over i don’t remember if you can see this, and you put this towel like this better to go throughout. 

And then you twist it, and then you plop it over like that guy like you the towel hat one way. How stuffy the second way is with an actual towel cap. This one is the called turbine twist. That’s the fancy name for a toilet. This one is made of a smaller bathroom towel, and it can contain more absorbent material, so you don’t have to waste a whole other towel, and they are cutter than you do. The same thing with this on towel let me roll the head over like that. I don’t know if you can see me, and you put this part here. On the back of your skull and all your hair falls on your backside. That’s almost perfect, and then you like to twist it up, and there’s it is a really mad thing on the back. 

This sometimes the button and it secures it. Yes, that’s the towel that explained it comes out every easy to pull out. 


Hand size towel to wrap your hair

When you get out of the shower, the first style of the towel tournament that I will show you how to do I learned when I got a on cruise 2x know that and the hairstylist Paris is not my father is a most amazing idea. So you are going to start by grabbing your towel with the top two corners.

And you are going to fold forward about an inch after you do this. You’re going to flip it. Your head around the shoulders lifts your wet hair on top of the towel, and you are going to grab the corner where folded and crisscross it across your head. You are going to head to grab this corner and lift it.

 And all your hair up into the towel without another corner and cross it over, and you are going to tuck into the little hole you made securing it tight now you have a people turban all your hair up. If you are using a small towel instead of a big top and you make up each dress. You can let your hair dry in here for a little while. This won’t repeat, and there’s a middle one.

The second method of the turban Towel wrap hair in the towel

I will teach you how to wrap turban hair when you’re just going to take the hand towel normally. You are going to flip it over. Your shoulders and lift your hair on top, and this works for long or short hair. This style and the previous there are easier with short hair but don’t worry because of this long hair.

 I’m going to give you the perfect solution using a hand towel to tie up your wet hair, so for this style, you grab the two corner similarly to off times, and you crisscross them over your voice and hold it with one key on it pulling it very tight now. I’m going to wrap this corner, and I’m going to lay it over to the side. I’m going to pick up all my hair in your other corner and lay it over to this site, and you and you lift the towel and tuck it under, lift it out and check it so. This is the first style that I learned when working in the hair flow. 

But I found it slightly different to lift the towel right here and tuck it under without pulling someone’s hair or without it coming undone, so I find this one to be a little more difficult, but maybe for you. You’ll fight it to be easier.


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